Xavier de Callataÿ

1932 Born in Brussels, Belgium
1955 -1958 Two Fullbright Travel Grants - first to study Science, then Fine Art
1955 moved permanently to the USA
1998 Baron Xavier de Callataÿ died in La Hulpe, Belgium
  Louvain Academy of Fine Arts, Belgium
Ecoles Speciales, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Graduate School, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
Art Students League, New York City
One-man Exhibitions
1997 Exhibition of the Artworks for the book “Brabant Wallon”, Xavier de Callataÿ
Chateau de Lac de Genval, Brussels, Belgium
1994 New Orleans Museum of Art, LA
1993 Michael Walls Gallery, New York, NY
1986 Galerie Simonne Stern, New Orleans, LA
1982 Joanna Dean Galleries, New York, NY
1982, 1984, 1989 Academy Gallery, New Orleans, LA
1981 Delta, Brussels, Belgium
1980 University of Virginia Art Museum, Charlotteville, VA
1969, 1970,
1971, 1973,
1975, 1978
Bienville Gallery, New Orleans, LA
1970 New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA
1961 Beaumont Art Museum, Beaumont, TX
1961 Associated Artists Galleries, New Orleans, LA
1957 Art Barn, Salt Lake City, Utah
Group Exhibitions
1992 "Corps", Arts, Rencontres, Spectacles, Charleville - Mezieres, France
1990 - 1991 "Images of Vanishing Nature", The Engangered Species Media Project,
Transco Gallery, Houston, TX, and The Virginia Commonwealth Museum of
Natural History, Martinsville, VA and Musee de la Nature, Ottawa, Canada
1990 National Academy of Design Annual Exhibition, New York City
1988 “The Art of the Elephant”, Simms Fine Art, New Orleans, LA
1987 “New York Realists”, Somerset Art Association, Gladstone, NJ
1986 “The working Drawing”, Art Awareness Gallery, Lexington, NY
1986 "Landscapes, Cityscapes and Seascapes”, Contemporary Arts Center,
New Orleans, LA and New York Academy of Art, New York, NY
1985 “The Figure in the Landscape”, Artist Choice Museum, New York, NY
1984 “Seldom Seen Portraits”, Arts Council of New Orleans, LA
1982 “The Human Figure”, Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
1981 “Time, Light, Space”, Art Awareness Gallery, Lexington, NY
1977 40th Annual Exhibition Artists of Central New York, Museum of Art,
Munsons - Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, NY
1976 “Nine Local Artists”, State University of New York, Oneanta, NY
1976 “Louisiana Art and Artists”, Tanir Gallery, New Orleans, LA
1972 12th Piedmont Exhibition, Mint Museum of Art, NC
1961, 1965,
“Artists of the South East and Texas Biennal”,
New Orleans Museum of Art,LA
1957 “New Orleans Art Association Annual”, Delgado Museum of Fine Arts,
New Orleans, LA
Selected Awards
1969 Award winner, “Artists of the Southeast and Texas Biennal”,
New Orleans Museum of Art, LA
Set Designs
1969 Stage Set and Marionette Puppet Design for “Ugly Duckling”, The Puppet Playhouse, Nancy Staub, Director, New Orleans, LA
1983 - 1987 Design and Painting of Seven Stage Sets for the World Story and Music Ensemble, New York and Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
1969 Stage Set and Marionette Puppet Design for “Ugly Duckling”, The Puppet Playhouse, Nancy Staub, Director, New Orleans, LA
1975 Stage Set and Marionette Puppet Design for
“The Love of Don Perlimplin for Beliza in His Garden ”,
The Puppet Playhouse, Nancy Staub, Director, New Orleans, LA
Selected Public and Private Collections
  New Orleans Museum of Art, LA

Children Museum of Manhattan, NY

Palais de la Nation, Brussels, Belgium

S. A.S. Prince and Princess Leopold de Croy, Belgium

Banque Nationale, Belgium

Credit Suisse Bank, New York, NY

City of New Orleans, LA

The Transco Energy Company, Lake Charles, LA

Tulane University, LA

Union League Club, New York, NY

Dr. and Mrs. William Rosenthal. New York, NY

Mr. and Mrs Frederick Selch, New York, NY

Donald Eisenman,

Sidney Kahn, New York, NY

Michael Tarpley, New York, NY

Dr. and Dr.Carl Fasano, NJ

Ms. Anette Adler

Mr. and Mrs. Con Demmas, LA

Carl Schuhmacher, LA

Mrs. Sam Lang, LA

Mr. and Mrs. James Coleman, Sr, LA

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferguson, LA

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Merritt, LA

Dr. and Mrs. Rudolph Weichert, LA

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Neil, LA

Alexandra Monett, France

Dr. and Mrs. H. Tristam Engelhardt, TX

Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Boisaubin, TX

The Nathan Cummings Estate

Mr. and Mrs. Alexis I. du Pont, DE

Mr. and Mrs. William Frederic, Jr, DE

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Manchester, CA

Baron Jean Godeaux, Belgium

Mrs. Francis Lagae, Belgium

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Blanchard, Belgium

The Family of Monique Blanchard, Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Paulo Henry de Generet, Belgium

Mr. and Mrs Eduard Verhaeghe de Naeyer, Belgium

Mr. and Mrs. Jeanne Francoise Peterbroeck, Belgium
Selected Public Commissions
1991 Murals done in collaboration with Gabriele Pallin
for the “Discover Dinosaurs” Exhibit, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, NY
1991 Portrait of Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb
President of the Belgian House of Representatives, Brussels, Belgium
1971 Mural for the Tourist Commission Center of New Orleans, LA
1967 Portrait of Dr. Charles Sprague
Dean of the School of Medicine of Tulane University, New Orleans, LA